Lower Back Pain Stretches

Combining mindfulness and muscle energy techniques with lower back pain stretches accomplishes more than other types of stretching because the nervous system is stimulated in several ways to lengthen muscle, and lower your nervous system to a more balanced state.

Finding your safe starting point for the stretch is important so that you cooperate with your nervous system instead of pushing it to go faster than it is ready to. You get real results instead of a feeling of intensity normally mistaken for stretch.

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Being mindful of what you feel in your muscles and to where your body first gives light resistance - the safe starting point - allows you to tune in to subtle sensations. If your mind wanders into a thought, just bring it back to the sensation of the stretch and your body position. This simple detachment from your thoughts, with time and regular practice, brings you to the present moment and the experience that you don't have to think whatever your mind presents, and you don't have to be stressed by your thoughts. You can be in control just by keeping your mind on the sensations of stretching, or the sensation of breathing.

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This usually takes some getting familiar with, because most of us are used to starting where we feel intense signs of load on the muscle. Plus, it can feel like it will take too long if we start at a less intense starting point. Bring your mind back to the sensation of your body lightly resisting the stretch position,

Breathing can be used as a muscle energy technique to increase stretching results. Each inhale causes muscle to tighten slightly, and each exhale causes it to relax a bit; with your body in slight stretch, the exhale and the safe starting point tell the brain it doesn't have to guard against the stretch.

Take a slow deep breath at your safe starting point for the stretch, holding your abdomen snug, belly button toward the spine a bit, and keep taking air in as your ribcage expands as fully as you comfortably can; hold your breath a few seconds, and mindfully notice the tight places, bringing your mind back as needed. Holding the breath, and feeling the weight of your body in stretch fatigues the muscles so they relax and lengthen easier.

As you exhale slowly your body should sink a little further into the stretch position without any effort. The awkwardness and uncertainty about all of the details begins to make more sense as you get results. Mindfully focused on sensations of relaxing into stretch you have proof you did it right. If you don't relax further into the stretch with each exhale, back up a bit to find your safe starting point.

Lower back pain stretching page is under construction, and will include illustrating photos, and more and more simplified text to give you several health strategies for self care.

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