Lower Back Pain Continues To Puzzle The Experts

Lower back pain is confusing even to pain experts, because the maze of many different interacting conditions varies with each person, yet the most basic facts and important details could provide a sensible and workable solution for cases which are not responsive to other treatments that do not include trigger point concept, or Anatomy Trains concept.

One set of interacting problems which causes lumbar back pain problems, starts with a foot problem that is tolerated, but not solved. This forces the body to adapt by positioning the foot to minimize further damage and discomfort. That adjustment also requires the lower leg and thigh to adapt, which undermines the pelvis, the foundation of the back. Next, muscles of the lower back are repeatedly overused to adapt to the situation, and the body's ability to adapt reaches overload.

Safe lower back pain stretches offer a symptomatic treatment approach that you can use like you would use aspirin, and may in fact be the best solution. Keep in mind that lower back pain can be caused by other diseases and conditions; keep your safety net in place by telling your physician, too.

Much of this may develop gradually and painlessly, as lines of muscular fatigue, excessive tension, trigger points, fascial micro-adhesion and related joint misalignment problems reshape our normal state of health, little-by-little. We get use to each new normal and learn to move as smoothly as possible in spite of less than ideal conditions.

On our worst days, some part of the growing problem may complain with pain signals, and sometimes, it's mostly silent for years when we stop overusing muscles.

It remains a mystery overall, whether we ignore the problem or act with varying degrees of success, because we are unaware that one third of our muscle control is automatic, not voluntary like we learned at some early point in our basic education.

Adding another layer of complexity, our emotional reactions to the sensations of discomfort shape our behavior about resolving or ignoring it.

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Your pain map will be created, giving you a head start on becoming independently healthy. You'll also receive a brief sample of advanced massage therapy and possibly concrete results that show you your problem may be improved or eliminated. Self help skills and tools for your problem will be put into use during the consultation, using the teaching concept, "If the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught." You'll leave better informed and possibly more optimistic. 

Lower back pain commonly results from several interacting conditions of the body systems, and one of the most overlooked is myofascial trigger points. (abbrev: TrP) "For successful management of chronic myofascial TrP pain, one of the most important concepts is to teach patients that they can be in control of their pain in the long run. They must learn to live with their muscles by learning about them and respecting how they work. In this type of management program, the clinician's role is not just to treat the pain for the patient as a service, but rather, to primarily teach and demonstrate to patients what they can and must do for themselves. - "Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, vol. 1,2nd ed. 1999"

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