Back Pains: Simple Uncommon Solutions

Back Pains are often not solved because two of the most common sources are muscle and fascia, both of which can contain trigger points, and can cause postural imbalances which cause strain in related tissues.

“Muscle is the orphan organ,” according to Dr. David G. Simons, M.D. “Although the clinical study of muscle pain and MTrPs (myofascial trigger points) has proliferated over the past two centuries, the scientific literature often seems disjointed and confusing. Unfortunately, much of the terminology, theories, concepts, and diagnostic criteria are inconsistent, incomplete, or controversial. ”Myofascial Trigger Points Then and Now: A Historical and Scientific Perspective Jay P. Shah, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

"Usually, acute single-muscle syndromes are easily managed. Often, however, the patient presents with pain that represents a composite pattern referred from several muscles; the practitioner must become a sleuth and recognize the component parts. Much of the detective work lies in tracking down not only what specific stress or stresses initiated the patient's trigger points, but also what additional factors may be perpetuating them." Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manuals by Janet G. Travell, M.D. and David G. Simons, M.D.

Fortunately, symptomatic relief is available by following the observable taut bands of muscle, which provide a trail more easily located than trigger points. A more recent research project, commonly referred to as Anatomy Trains, documents functional lines of fascia responsible for the structural imbalances and strain patterns that complicate solving muscle problems.

Many Back Pains often have simple solutions even though they are overlooked and underutilized by many medical professionals due to the current disjointed medical literature.

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