Massage Fort Worth: Solutions for Specific Problems

Massage Fort Worth is a general search term, but if you need help with a specific pain or flexibility problem, getting ready for sports, or as part of your team of medical professionals, I'm up for your challenge.

Hi! I'm Todd Steele, Licensed Massage Therapist, in practice full time since 1994, and I'm dedicated to helping you live a much more comfortable, capable life. My life has continually improved since becoming a therapist, thanks to the work of colleagues and self-treatment.

Flat feet, crippling knee, back and neck problems and chronic depression no longer rule my life, but I was most surprised to wake up one morning and see that my sunken breast bone was aligned as it should be.

An uncluttered body is easier to keep that way. Now that my body is well-kept I'd like to share with you the skills and tools I use to keep it that way, however; now that I know I can fix it, I still back-slide and stop taking care of myself from time-to-time. I mention that so you don't think perfection is necessary in order to upgrade the quality of your life. It's amazing how much relief can be created in seconds once you have basic skills and tools for addressing your muscle pain problems.

The long term goal for this website is to offer you self-help information that supplements what I do for you, and provide you with a structured approach to doing that completely on your own. Maybe I'll even massage Fort Worth, one person at a time!

Pain is epidemic because one of the musculoskeletal disorders - myofascial pain syndrome - is overlooked and under-utilized by clinicians, leading us to believe it is inevitable that we become more and more limited as we age, yet some of the most significant advances in healthcare are the result of simple changes within the grasp of individuals.

Schedule a 30 minute consultation in my office to get started. We'll draw your pain map, do a brief treatment of your problem and go over some self help information you can begin using to improve your health. You can expect to have a clear sense of whether or not my skills and self-help information would be effective for you, or not.

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Massage Fort Worth is a general search term, and I offer solutions for specific pain and flexibility issues using advanced skills and experience with the goal of inspiring you to become independently healthy if you want that option!

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The Massage Fort Worth Blog gives you self care skills and tools that support you being independently healthy.
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